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Media Inventory

Dedicated CRM for OOH Industry to manage media assets, generation of plan PPT/ Excel/ PDF including sites information, rates, availability, images with live Google map and Google earth plotting.

Campaigns Management

Booking, blocking, FOC and rotational information of campaigns. Cost sheet, campaign profitability, site performance, PO management.

Leads / Media Request

This enables marketing and sales teams to work together on the leads, never missing out any interaction or touch-points.

Invoice & Contracts

Estimations, invoicing, credit notes, payments, revenue, outstanding, contracts.

Business Intelligence

Dashboards to track your business growth with 150+ custom reports.

Customer Management

Managing customer and their contact information, Customer interaction history, Sending the documents directly from the program and many more.

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ODO believes that
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the faster you close the deal”
We let you to complete all your traditional formalities in a click.


Happy Customers

Join thousands of satisfied customers using our softwear globally.

Naks Creators Pvt. Ltd.

Wow kind of experience with this software. Nothing could be more helpful then ODO for a media owner to manage all their operation, ranging from deal to payment.

Skywalker lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.

I was really impressed with the Campaign Management feature. It let me to tag my sites with block, book and available tags. Which lets me to easily convey about the availability of my sites.

RS Media Pro

It was really being very cumbersome to handle all my media. My ownership was increasing exponentially, but ODO erased the line of difficulty. Great time management and user friendly features helped me to not only simplify the process of deal but also to increase in counts of sales.

Kaushik Outdoors

I was hatred of ignoring phone calls of the customers upon promising them to send the ppt. of their required sites as it takes long time to select and edit all the required sites and sending it. ODO’s one click feature lets me to send the ppt. in a second.

Woohoo Ads

To build a trust with customer it is very important to provide the status of campaign. The advanced features of campaign in this software lets me to record every progress made in their campaign and provide them precise information.

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